History of


Cumberland and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania


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Part 3


History of Adams County




Table of Contents





Chapter I


Chapter II

The Indians

French and Indian War-Mary Jamison, The Indian Queen-Hance Hamilton-McCord's Fort-Associated Companies in York County in 1756.

Chapter III

The Mason And Dixon Line

German Scotch-Irish and Jesuit Immigration in 1734-Lord Baltimore and William Penn-Border Troubles-Temporary Dividing Line-Mason and Dixon-Their Survey-Thomas Cresap-“Digges Choice”-Zachary Butcher.

Chapter IV

First Settler


Andrew Shriver-Extracts from Hon. Abraham Shriver’s Memoir-Early Settlers-French Huguenots-Their Settlement in Pennsylvania.

Chapter V

Second Arrivals


Penn’s Purchase-“Manor of Maske”-Survey-Obstructions-Compromise-“Carroll’s Delight”-List of Early Settlers on the Manor, and “Warrantees-“Old Hill” Church-Presbyterian Congregation in Cumberland Township.

Chapter VI

The "Little Conewago Settlement"


"Digges Choice"-Land Purchases in 1734, 1738 and 1742-Records of 1752.

Chapter VII

Early Marriages


Rev. Alexander Dobbin-His son, James-Record of Marriages during Rev. Alex. Dobbin's Entire Pastorate, 1774 to 1808.

Chapter VIII

The Revolution


Adams (York) County in the Struggle-First Company from Pennsylvania-The Independent Light Infantry Company-Flying Camp-Roster of Officers, Adams (York ) County.

Chapter IX

Erection Of County


Date of its Creation-Boundary Line, Area and Population-James Gettys-Selection of County Seat-Taxes Levied-County Buildings.

Chapter X

Natural History Of Adams County


Geology-Mineralogy-The South Mountain-The "Barrens"-Destruction Of Forests-Streams-Elevations-Scenery-Trees and Shrubs-Fish-Birds.

Chapter XI


  Turnpikes-Railroads-Baltimore & Hanover Railroad-Gettysburg & Harrisburg Road-The Old "Tape Worm" Line.

Chapter XII

Customs And Manners


Distinct Streams of Immigrants-Industry and Religion-Getting a Start-Their Commerce-Receptions-Improvements.

Chapter XIII

Sketches And Etchings


The McCleans-The McPhersons-Gen. Reed-Dr. Crawford-Col. Slagle-Col. Grier-Victor King-Judge Black-Thaddeus Stevens-Patrick McSherry-Col. Hance Hamilton-The Culps-William McClellan-Capt. Bettinger-James Cooper.

Chapter XIV

War Of 1812


Adams County Regiments-The Federalists and Democrats-"Friends of Peace" Meetings-Toasts-Close of War.

Chapter XV

Civil War


Recruiting in Adams County-The Military Companies and Their Regiments-Corp. Skelly Post, No. 9, G. A. R.

Chapter XVI



Members of Congress-Senators and Assemblymen-County Officials.

Chapter XVII

Bench And Bar


First Court-"Circuit Riders"-Visiting Attorneys-Jonathan F. Haight, First Resident Attorney-Lawyers from 1801 to 1885.

Chapter XVIII



The Revolution-Party Spirit-Jefferson and Hamilton-First County Convention-Republicans, Democrats and Federals-Hon. William McSherry-Political Factions-Elections-Federalists and Republicans (“Democrats”)-A “Cockade” Row-Federal-Republicans and Democrats- The Centinel-Elections to 1814.

Chapter XIX



Petition to Postmaster General in 1795-Postmasters in County, Past and Present.

Chapter XX



Pioneer Schools-Pioneer Teachers-Pioneer Schoolhouses-Christ Church School-East Berlin School-Gettysburg Classical School-Gettysburg Industrial School-English School in Gettysburg-Gettysburg Academy-Gettysburg Female Institute-Gettysburg Female Academy-Theological Seminary-Gettysburg Gymnasium-Pennsylvania College-New Oxford College and Medical Institute-Hunterstown English and Classical Academy-Catholic Schools-The Free School System-The County Superintendency-Educational Meeting-Conclusion-Tabular Statements.

Chapter XXI



Debating Societies-The Gettysburg Sentimental Society-Poluglassic Society-The Gettysburg Debating and Sentimental Society.

Chapter XXII



The Centinel-Interesting Items-Necrology-The Star And Sentinel-The Compiler-The Century-York Springs Comet-Weekly Visitor-Weekly Ledger-Crystal Palace-Littlestown Press-Littlestown News-The Courier-Littlestown Era-New Oxford Item-Intelligencer-Wochenblatt-Yellow Jacket-Record.

Chapter XXIII

Old Time Reminiscences


Citizens in Gettysburg Between 1817 and 1829-Interesting Items.

Chapter XXIV

Battle Of Gettysburg


Lee's Northward Movement in 1863-Rallying the Forces-The Battle-The Result, Lee's Defeat-At Meade's Headquarters-Numerical Strength of the Two Armies-Effects Following the Battle-National Cemetery.

Chapter XXV

Borough Of Gettysburg


Hance Hamilton and Richard McAllister-James Gettys-Old Plat of The Town-Town Incorporated-Elections-Water Companies-Fire Companies-Ranks-Seminary and College-Churches-G. A. R. Post-A National Resort.

Chapter XXVI



Of the Earliest of Whom Tradition is at Fault-Practice of Medicine in Early Days-Early Physicians-Adams County Medical Society-Present Licensed Practitioners.

Chapter XXVII

Berwick Township And Borough Of Abbottstown


Origin-Topography-Geological Characteristics-Census-Assessed Valuation, 1799-Schools-War of the Rebellion-Railway and Postoffice-BOROUGH OF ABBOTTSTOWN-Location, etc.-Statistics-Village in 1775-Assessment Valuation, 1792-Officials, 1864-1885-Industries-Newspapers-Postoffice-Miscellaneous-Churches and Societies.

Chapter XXVIII

Butler Township


Organization-Topography-Geological Features-Census-Old Bridges-Cemeteries-Middletown or Biglerville-Churches and Society-Beechersville-Centre Mills and Menallen Postoffice-Table Rock-Texas-Miscellaneous.

Chapter XXIX

Conowago Township And Borough Of McSherrystown


Organization-Topography-Geological Features-Blacksnake of Round Top and Other Curiosities-Census-Old Bridges-Railroads and Pike Roads-Assessed Valuation, 1801-Churches-Cemeteries-Brushtown-BOROUGH OF MCSHERRYSTOWN-Location, etc.,-Statistics-Incorporation-First Election-Convent Schools-Association-Miscellaneous.

Chapter XXX

Cumberland Township


Indian Field-Census-Bridges-Pike Roads-Railroads and Street Railroad-Original Land Trac's-Early Pioneers-"Manor of Maske"-List of Squatters-Assessed Valuation, 1799-Military-Churches-Cemeteries-Schools-Miscellaneous.

Chapter XXXI

Franklin Township


Topography-Geological Features-Phenomena-Census-Land Entries-Assessed Valuation, 1799-Mary Jamison-Incidents-Churches-Arendtsville-Miscellaneous-Cashtown-Mummasburg-McKnightstown-Buchanan Valley-Seven Stars-Sheely's-Chamberlin's-Miscellaneous.

Chapter XXXII

Freedom Township


Creeks, etc.-Bridges-Census-Erection-Irish Settlers-"Manor of Maske"-Carrol's Tracts-"Mason and Dixon" Milestones-Churches-Military.

Chapter XXXIII

Germany Township And Borough Of Littlestown


Topography-Early Merchants-Census-Railroad and Pike Roads-Bridge-Postoffices-School System-"Digges Choice"-Assessed Valuation, 1799-BOROUGH OF LITTLESTOWN-Location-Census-Village in 1797-Early Mails-Its History-Early Schools and Newspapers-Incorporation-Officials-Churches-Cemetery-Societies.

Chapter XXXIV

Hamilton Township And Borough Of East Berlin


Streams-Topography-Turnpike and Bridges-Census-Assessed Valuation, 1811-School Law-Railroad-Cross Keys-Postoffice-BOROUGH OF EAST BERLIN-Location, etc.-Census-Incorporation-Officials-Its History-Churches and Schools-Societies, etc.

Chapter XXXV

Hamiltonban Township


Streams, Hills and Valleys-Census-Geological Features-Old Tree-Railroad-Early Incidents-"Carroll's Delight"-Assessment Valuation, 1802-School Law-Fairfield-Churches, Schools, etc.-Miscellaneous-Fountain Dale-Miscellaneous, etc.

Chapter XXXVI

Highland Township


Streams-Topography-Census-Bridge-Railroad-"The Manor of Maske"-Early Settlers-Church-Cemeteries.

Chapter XXXVII

Huntington Township And Borough of York Springs


Streams-Geological Features-A Bottomless Well-Railroad-Census-Assessed Valuation, 1798-99-School Law-Early Incidents-Railroad-York Sulphur Springs-Idaville-BOROUGH OF YORK SPRINGS-Location, etc.-Pike Road-Census-Incorporation-Officials-Churches-Schools-Societies-Miscellaneous.


Latimore Township


Features-Roads and Bridges-Census-Mechanicsville-School Law-Pioneer Taxpayers-Assessment Valuation, 1807-Fridely and his Mill-Churches and Cemeteries-Miscellaneous.

Chapter XXXIX

Liberty Township


Streams, Valleys-Indian Relics-"Mason & Dixon" Mile-Stones-Copper Mine-Fire-Bridge-Census-Original Settlements-School Law-Assessed Valuation, 1801-Zimmermans-Churches, Cemeteries, etc.

Chapter XL

Menallen Township


Streams-Hills, Valleys, etc.-Geological Features-Iron and Coal Mines-Large Tree, etc.-Bridges-Road-Census-School System-Military-Railroad and Postoffices-Assessed Valuation, 1799-David Lewis, the Robber-Incidents-Monuments-Bendersville-Churches-Societies-Flore Dale-Wenksville-Churches.

Chapter XLI

Mountjoy Township


Streams and General Description-A Find-Bridges-Census-Assessed Valuation, 1799-Military-Churches-Two Taverns.

Chapter XLII

Mountpleasant Township


Topography-Iron and Copper Ore-Bridges-Pike Roads and Railroads-Census-Early Reminiscences-Managhan Tract-Assessed Valuation, 1800-Military-School Law-Railroad and Postoffices-Churches-White Hall or Red Lands-Mount Rock-Bonneauville.

Chapter XLIII

Oxford Township And Borough Of New Oxford


Topography-Old Barn-Railroads, Bridges, Pikes, Stage Lines, etc.-Census-Original Land Entries-Military-Incidents, Fires, Storms, etc.-Irishtown-Heroutford-BOROUGH OF NEW OXFORD-Its early History-Incorporation-Elections-Census-Churches-Cemetery-Institute and Schools-Societies-Miscellaneous.

Chapter XLIV

Reading Township


Topography-Geological Features, etc.-Bridges-Census-School Law-Assessed Valuation, 1799-Churches-Hampton-Round Hill-Miscellaneous.

Chapter XLV

Straban Township


Topography-Census-School Law-Bridges and Railroad-Assessed Valuation, 1800-Military-Early Land Entries-Churches-Hunterstown-Churches and Cemeteries-New Chester-Plainview-Granite Hill.

Chapter XLVI

Tyrone Township


Boundary-Topography-Bridges-Census-Assessment Valuation, 1801-School Law-Military-Old Mill-Heidlersburg-Churches-Miscellaneous.

Chapter XLVII

Union Township


Topography-Geological Features-Organization-Census-Bridges-German Emigrants, 1735-52-Early Settlers-Land Troubles-"Digges' Choice"-Churches-Cemeteries-Sells' Station-Church Station.


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